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Standing Rigging

We use stainless steel 316 wire in 1/19, 7/19 and 7/7 as well as Compak (Dyform) wire, we can swage on site from 3mm to 10mm, we can put talurite hard or soft eyes on wires from 2mm to 5mm.

We only use stainless steel wire that has a traceable source to ensure it is of the high quality that you need for peace of mind while sailing.

We can supply and fit both Norseman, Sta-lok or Hi-Mod, we also do guard rails and all necessary fitting as well as architectural wire work.

We can supply eye terminals, fork terminals, swage toggle fork terminals, shroud spoon terminals, tee terminals and cappell terminals. We can also supply swageless terminals, in eyes, forks, toggle forks, as well as back stay insultators

What we need to know in order to quote you for standing rigging is:

  • the sort of boat that you have
  • what terminals they have on the top of the wires
  • what terminals they have on the bottom of the wires
  • and what construction it is

What we need to know to quote you for just pieces of wire:

  • diameter of the required wire
  • what wire construction you need
  • what is on the top of the wire
  • what is on the bottom of the wire

In most cases we can copy existing rigging if it is supplied as a pattern but the position of the bottle screws would need to be marked.

Sta-Lok Bottle screws

The proven design of the Sta-Lok Forged Bottlescrew exceeds the breaking load of today’s high strength compacted strand wire ropes.

Please contact us for more information about our standing rigging.


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