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Running Rigging

We use a wide variety of ropes and manufacturers for our running rigging. Including English Braids, Marlow, Liros.

If you are contacting us to get a quote for running rigging we need to know:

  • Boat type
  • Application of halyards
  • The type of sailing you do

Our riggers have years of experience and not only offer expert help and advice but produce rigging to an extremely high standard. We can provide hard eyes, soft eyes, continuous rope splices and wires rope splices. We can splice most of the modern Dyneema ropes and work in the dynamatic rope range for the race boats. From halyards to sheets to warps.

Rope Splicing Guide

We have put together an easy to follow rope splicing guide.

Normal rope range from 1.5mm up to 16mm

If you are interested in our running rigging please contact us


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