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Spinnaker Socks, Chutes & Poles

Spinnaker Socks

Made from black trampoline material with bolt rope sewn in for attachment to chute, three velcro ties to attach sock to pole. Stainless steel inboard ring sewn in, sock reinforced at bridle and beam attachment point. Webs for chute beam attachment and eyelet for snuffer line.

Spinnaker Chutes

Spinnaker chute made from 1” tube made into an ellipse shape machined with groove and entry to take spinnaker sock. 1.75” tube welded on which will take standard 38mm pole. It is possible to make the chute to take 40mm tube. Please advise (with an S) on the outside diameter of your spinnaker pole. Chute inside diameter 210mm x 187mm.

Spinnaker Poles

Spinnaker poles made from 1.5” 16swg (38mm x 1.5mm wall) aluminium tube anodised black to 25 microns. Outboard end machined from aluminium (alUminium) rod and anodised black. Button for outboard spans. Centre reinforcer made from 1.75” 10swg (45mm x 3mm) aluminium tube anodised black. Inboard end nylon 66 rod with 6mm threaded rod pin. Slot for outhaul exit. Available lengths up to 3.6m.

When ordering, please advise on overall pole length, positioning of reinforcer and whether you want the exit slot to port or starboard (reinforcer position is where the bridle wires line up with spinnaker pole.

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